Fees & Terms

CHF 359.-for a participant pass

CHF 239.-for a student pass

Terms & Conditions

The payment shall be completed at the time of the registration.

Please note that the start of the online registration process involves an application process that can take up to 48 hours. Once your registration has been approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail within the next 48 hours from the WISE office.


Please note that it is the participant’s responsibility to obtain an entry visa for Switzerland. Foreign nationals require valid travel documents recognised by the Swiss authorities in order to enter Switzerland. In certain cases, a visa is also required.

Detailed information on obtaining a visa and on the provisions governing entry into Switzerland may be found on the website of the Swiss Federal Office for Migration (Bundesamt für Migration) under the auspices of the Federal Department of Justice and Police (Eidgenössisches Justiz- und Polizeidepartement).


Since December 12, 2008, Schengen visas have been accepted for entry into Switzerland. The Schengen visa replaces the Swiss visa for short stays (a maximum of three months within any six months). This means that it is possible to travel to Switzerland and the other Schengen countries on a single visa. France, which borders on Switzerland near Lausanne, is also in the Schengen area.

For detailed information on the issue of visas: WISE can assist participants in obtaining a visa by providing a written letter of invitation (this does not count as an admission ticket). Please contact us using the contact details below.

For further information please contact +41 21 601 82 12 or contact@wiselausanne.com.