WISE Academy

WISE Academy launches two exclusive University seminars

WISE – Work In Sports Exhibition, in conjunction with its Partner ISSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne), launches two academic seminars around the 2015 edition of the Convention.

After the completion of the 3.5 days’ programme, participants will receive an authentic certificate of participation delivered and stamped by ISSUL-University of Lausanne together with WISE Academy.

Proposed courses are as follows :

1) Academic Course for Leaders of Sport Organisations : Best Practices for Successful Management

The sports leader evolves in an increasingly complex world (legal, economic, media...). In this context, he or she must make good decisions to create an organisation and an environment that offers the best opportunities to athletes, both elite and recreational.

This short and intensive certification seminar of 3.5 days is designed to assist the leaders of sports organisations (International, Continental or National Federations, CNOs and other sports organisations) to better understand and manage the various aspects of their mandates. The content of the seminar can be adapted and constructed in a way that supports the needs of the leaders.

Objectives :

- Closely work with the leaders of sports organisations in the success of their initiatives and share principles and tools to establish a better governance
- Help leaders identify the key points of success

Dates : May, 4th to 7th 2015 (including the active participation to WISE 2015)
Fees : CHF690.- (+VAT)

2) Academic Course for Elite Athletes : how to optimise your career and reconversion

During their careers, elite athletes are facing not only sports choices but also legal and economic ones in a universe that is more and more complex.
The athletes are real businesses who acquire real skills throughout their careers, either in terms of knowledge, expertise or know-how. Very often these skills are not valued and are most often underestimated and under-utilised during and after the sports career.

This short programme of 3.5 days is an intensive training programme aimed at helping the elite athletes to better understand and manage the various aspects of their careers, as well as to anticipate and prepare their reconversion.
It also offers the possibility to the participants to confront their multidisciplinary knowledge in management, marketing, and training against their own experience.

Objectives :

- to help elite athletes in their career management (education path, vocational training, internship, professional project integrated into personal life, etc.)
- to discover the great diversity of careers that exist within the sport world
- to learn how to transfer the skills developed during the sporting career to a working environment

Dates : May, 4th to 7th 2015 (including the active participation to WISE 2015)
Fees : CHF690.- (+VAT)

For additional information on the seminars or to register :

Sylvie Michaud
E-mail : forum@wiselausanne.com
Phone : +41 (0)21 601 82 12