published at Tuesday 15 October 2013

PR8/2013 - New Ambassador, Sergei Aschwanden, and Top Speakers confirmed

New ambassador Sergei Aschwanden and top speakers confirmed for WISE, the first ever International Convention for Careers in Sports

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 15, 2013 – “WISE – Work In Sports Exhibition” is pleased to announce Sergei Aschwanden, Olympic Medallist in Judo, as WISE Ambassador.

Sergei retired from professional sport after winning an Olympic bronze medal in judo during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Graduate with a Master in Sports Management from the University of Lausanne, he is now Director of the Sports Centre in Villars, Switzerland.

Read the interview of Sergei Aschwanden here : Interview

“Sergei is the perfect example of a young leader having been able to transfer the skills and values learned during his sports career to the business world that he has just entered. We are delighted to have him as WISE Ambassador, together with Colin Jackson. Their role will be to inspire other professional or retrained athletes to pursue a career in the various sport professions that will be discussed at length during WISE”. – Giancarlo Sergi, Exhibition Director.

The Judo Olympic Medallist will also be involved with the WISE Forum as a moderator and speaker.

Additional top speakers confirmed are as follows :

  • Colin Jackson, Athletics Legend & BBC Sports Media Professional, WISE Ambassador
  • Patrick Glennon, Director, Athlete Careers Programme (ACP), Adecco
  • Timo Lumme, Director of Television & Marketing, IOC
  • Patrick Baumann, General Secretary, FIBA
  • Patrick Koller, Director of Communications, FIBA
  • Tom Dielen, General Secretary, World Archery
  • Xavier Tissières, Head of Human Resources, IOC
  • Sébastien Leclerc, Head of Competitions Operations, UEFA
  • Jacky Delapierre, CEO, Athletissima - IAAF Diamond League meeting
  • Juan-Carlos Holgado, Olympic Champion, Event Director, World Archery
  • Cyril Loisel, Head of Development, FIFA
  • Jean-Pierre Egger, Olympic Physical Trainer & Coach
  • Christian Milz, CEO, European Athletics
  • Stéphane Desprez, CEO, FIM
  • Bertrand Cardis, Olympian & Director, Decision SA, EPFL
  • Steve Aeschlimann, Executive Director, Operations, FIM
  • Boris Gojanovic, Head Physician, BASPO
  • Philip Baker, Commercial Director, FIM
  • Jean-Marie Ayer, General Secretary, World Taekwondo Federation
  • Julien Baehni, Head of Human Resources, UEFA
  • Christopher Payne, Head of Olympic Games Knowledge Management, IOC
  • Pascal Wattiaux, Program Manager, IT Centre of Excellence, Aspire Zone Foundation
  • Christophe Troendle, Marketing Director, World Taekwondo Federation

WISE is a two-day event to be held at MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA in Switzerland on May 7-8, 2014. It offers a 360° sharing platform to leaders of today and tomorrow, as well as active and former athletes entering the business world.