SportAccord (Strategic Partner)

What is the common thread between global sports such as floorball, hockey, tennis, equestrian and football?

Unbeknownst to many, there is an organisation tying these and many other sports together. 89 global sports, to be precise.

Introducing SportAccord, the international sports federation union, which is driving the sports movement forward in the ever-changing millennium. At the heart of the sport movement, SportAccord is the global representative, providing value and services to all its 107 members.

SportAccord remains committed to the core interests of all its member federations and provides them with a common platform from where to debate, discuss and decide. In addition, SportAccord provides the following services to all its members-

1. Doping-free sport- Through its Doping Free Sports Unit (DFSU), SportAccord provides doping control services to members, which are aimed at ensuring a clean sports world for all.

2. Governance Relations & Development- SportAccord is the international sports body which recognizes international sport federations. It monitors governance, regulations and development in sport worldwide. It provides guidance on these matters upon request from its members. It also follows international initiatives and work groups discussing public policies, while further providing expertise on the international federations’ perspectives.

3. Marketing and communications- SportAccord marketing and communications are aimed at deriving maximum value and exposure for its members, through traditional and non-traditional forms of communication. The pioneering Sports Hub is aimed at commercializing the video properties of its members and the .Sport domain is aimed at creating common structures aimed at greater sports consumption. Sports United, the weekly sports magazine show on Euronews is aimed at providing maximum exposure to SportAccord’s member federations and introduce new sporting heroes to the world.

Under its banner, SportAccord hosts 4 multi-sport games disciplines- World Mind Games, World Combat Games, World Urban Games and the World Beach Games. Each concept is born out of a desire to provide maximum exposure to athletes and member federations. The inherent ideal is to promote sport with a responsible approach. Implementing doping controls at each event, promoting the education of youth, full integrity certification for athletes are all determining elements of the SportAccord multi-sport games.

Started in 2003, the annual SportAccord Convention is the primary meeting ground of the sports industry, where the international federations, private industry players and public governors get an opportunity to interact within themselves, absorb fresh ideas and define the global sporting movement. Founded in 1967, SportAccord has always remained at the forefront of taking the cause of sports worldwide, forever keeping the member federations paramount so that it stays true to driving sports to the most important stakeholder- You. The fan.

Further information on SportAccord can be obtained by writing to us at

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